Check out the trends our Design Team is crushing on for 2020! This year is all about past, present and future, with tons of colour and texture. Check out our favourite Home Design Trends 2020 on Pinterest @richardsgroupremax!

Grey, still our favourite neutral!
There has been a lot of talk as to whether grey is out the door – we don’t think so at all! This neutral is still our favourite, offering a variety of looks and feels, whether it’s a muted light grey throughout colour (Benjamin Moore – Classic Gray OC 23), or a bold dark grey accent wall (Benjamin Moore – Iron Mountain 2134-30). It doesn’t just stop at paint – there are a variety of items to decorate your home in this palette; sofas, arm chairs, bedding, accessories, drapery, etc. Allowing you to create a minimalist look or go bold with pops of colour.

Dark Wood Flooring

Muted walnut, ebony, and dark stained oak give an instant sophisticated vibe, adding a luxurious feel to your space. With a variety of darker tones available in your flooring preference from vinyl, to laminates, to stain colours for hardwood. Check out the Minwax and Duraseal websites for their stain galleries!

Bold Tones

We are so excited to keep pushing the envelope when it comes to colour! The evolving use of colour has become more and more prevalent when we are completing spaces for our clients, so much so that we have made more of a transition in including bolder tones when selecting hard finishes. We are talking everything from colour cabinetry, accent walls, painted or wallpapered ceilings, coloured or patterned tiles, bold countertops. The inclusion of colour does not need to be just a statement through temporary items such as furniture and accessories, give your space the designer curated feel and make it a memorable work of art. Check out some of our favourites on our Pinterest Board!

Tile Inlay

If you’re as Pinterest obsessed as we are this is definitely a trend that has come across your inspo board! Tile inlays are a unique way to marry the best of both worlds, tile and wood flooring. The combination can be quite magnificent and allow you to play with a variety of tile options, whether you’re looking for a more traditional look of an “area rug effect” in your front entry, or a more modern design using hex or other geometric tiles, the result gives you a designer-curated look while grounding the space.

Raw and Refined Accessories

Clay rattan, wicker, acacia, are just a few of our favourite materials shaping accessories for this year! These materials can be used to create a more organic look and feel, or blend into just about any style of space. Accessories such as Portuguese and Italian pottery, wood workings from India along with weaved rattan art and baskets are sure to add warmth and sophistication. Keep your pottery bare or style them with your favourite grasses!