Back to School: 2020 Style!

Back to School: 2020 Style!

With the start of a very different school year upon us, parents have had to make some pretty tough choices. Whether your kids are learning at home or in class, the items you need and your physical spaces at home may need a little updating.

Designer Shannon Balm, of East Design House, has provided some awesome options for homeschooling work spaces here! Added bonus, we’ve listed a few tips and items for both at-home and in-class learning to help your little scholars grow their brains safely and stylishly!

If you have a space in your home like a spare bedroom, or an area of your dining room that can be converted into an office or work space for yourself and the kids, these set-ups may be right for you, especially if you have more than one kid learning from home and require a multi-desk configuration in a single space.

Smaller spaces, like nooks or even closets can be turned into small work areas for those who are a bit tight on square footage. They make cozy, focus-driven havens where organization is key!

Always consider storage! Vertical spaces, like walls and insides of closet doors, can be used to store supplies. Also, small caddies are great for tucking away school supplies off of surfaces, under desks, kitchen and dining tables, when school is not in session, or if your desk space is on the smaller side.

Rugs always dampen sound and allow for comfy work spaces, and there are thousands of beautiful, affordable options that you can move to other rooms once you no longer have the need for a home office!

Desks come in all shapes and sizes…don’t be afraid to use a dining table if you don’t have space to add a desk, it allows kids and adults to spread out together. If you do have room for a new desk, here are some gorgeous options!

Chairs, chairs chairs! So many to choose from! They don’t always have to be typical office chairs, they can be styles that can be pulled into other living spaces too. Mix it up a little and have fun!

Art in your home schooling spaces can be educational and pretty – consider vintage prints and maps.

Good lighting is always important…here are some options to consider!

Extras for at home learning!

Some additional helpful items to get the kids through their days!

Allow the kids (and YOU) to work in peace with noise-cancelling headphones. Make sure they have a built-in microphone so they can easily communicate with their teachers and classmates.

Have a constant snacker? Don’t we all… Keep them occupied for at least a little while with this simple solution! Load up a muffin tin with a variety of healthy options and avoid the inevitable call of “mooooooommmmm, I’m hungry!” every 5 minutes!

Extras for in-class learning!

Some tips and items that may be helpful for those kids going back to brick and mortar classrooms.

The days of “sharing is caring” is unfortunately on pause. Keep their supplies safe and clean in these sealable plastic tote bins, available from many suppliers in all sorts of colours! We like the clear ones so you can always see what’s inside.

Label ALL THE THINGS! Here are a few options to add your child’s name to everything they need to bring to school! Mabels Labels offers multi-packs of pre-printed customized labels, or if you just need to get it done quickly, Avery offers a writeable no-iron version that sticks to clothing, plastic, just about everything!

Recess is probably every kid’s favourite “subject” and the time when they’re allowed to remove their masks and run free for a little while. An adorable fanny pack is a great option to hold their mask, hand sanitizer, tissues, and other small items while they enjoy being regular kids outside!