Best for Your Body & Mind in 2020

Best for Your Body & Mind in 2020

We hear it every year, “New Year, New You.” But don’t start your 2020 with a daunting broad-spectrum resolution – get on track the right way with a lifestyle change! Our team shares their favourite eastbound places to strengthen, heal, fuel, and connect this year. Make 2020 your feel good year! 

Afterglow Studio 

Afterglow has become a Beach institution, with traditional and mixed discipline yoga practices, and amazing playlists!Instructors always seem to tap into what you need – sweat, spirituality, or both. New mom, and our Design and Client Care Manager, Parris McKenna, also enjoys heading to Afterglow for her Mama’s Circle with her sweet little baby girl. Mark Richards even booked a team yoga retreat there! (yup that’s us in the photo) Did we mention the studio shop? Tuck that credit card into your yoga pants – you’ll definitely want it!


Sprouts Kids 

Sometimes the little ones need to get some exercise too! Our East Design House boss lady Shannon Balm takes her crew to Sprouts in Leslieville to get the jumping beans out of them. They have an awesome 6,000 square foot facility with a gym and playground for drop-in, as well as a full schedule of classes, camps and events to keep the little ones busy… and mom and dad sane!


One Academy

If you are looking for a vigorous and energetic work out – look no further! One Academy has been voted Toronto’s best gym, and boast 10,000 square feet of work out heaven! The gym has a compelling set up with the longest performance rig inToronto. Services include personal training, wellness, and corporate events, as well as coffee and smoothie packages. If you are up early enough you can catch ours truly, Jenny Simon and Bram Goldman working up a sweat!


Advanced Approaches to Massage 

Sometimes you’ve had enough of the workouts and just need to unwind everything. Agent Matt Olinski takes his himself to Advanced Approaches to Massage. Choose your own adventure…you can go for the craniosacral, deep tissue, hot stone, reiki, shiatsu, Thai araromatherapy massages. 


Power Kitchen 

With the hustle and bustle of everyday life we all want something fast and easy, but the options for fast healthy meals are not always available. That’s where Power Kitchen steps in! Located in Leslieville, they offer 100+ meal box options that are fresh and delicious, and cater to all dietaryrestrictions. It’s as easy as logging inonline, selecting your meals, schedulingdelivery and you’re on your way to a healthier you!! 


Yoga Mamas 

Yoga Mamas offers a variety of classes for mothers and mothers-to-be. Our Design and Client Care Manager, SamanthaDavies, loves connecting with fellowmamas in the community. Not only are there several yoga classes for you and your little bundle, but they also offer barreclasses, doula services, educational courses for birthing, a variety of workshops from baby CPR training to breastfeeding, as well as onsite child care. 


Torq Ride 

Torq has become a place of indoor cycling addiction and a community in itself for the eastbound masses. They have incredible instructors – including our very own agent Jenny Simon, and Design and Client Care Manager Christine Pacheco! Road riders off-season and cult spinners feel equally at home at Torq. Spin to playlists that will move you, and real-time ride metrics allow you to track your progress and tap into your competitive side. 


Farmacia Health Bar 

Even with more options for food on the go, sometimes you just need something to heal you. Farmacia is THE place for smoothies, juices, power drinks and elixirs. When Selene Richards needs to feed her soul, boost her heart, lungs, skin orimmune system, or just plain enjoysomething incredibly awesome, she heads right to Farmacia. Try her faves; YogaWarrior and Sanna Banana! And pick up some Chaga to keep the colds away this winter season 🙂


The Big Carrot 

When agent Sabrina Cameron is looking for something healthy for her busy family, she hits the Big Carrot Located at Main and Kingston, the 6,300 square storeoffers healthy options including organic, gluten-free, local and vegetarian/vegan. Fuel your inner foodie at the hot food table and organic juice bar or shop for your favourite natural body care, vitamins and groceries that suit your dietary needs.


Omega Health & Fitness 

You want to be strong, but sometimes you’re broken. Omega takes care of both. With an in-house clinic, their experttherapists and personal trainers work together to develop a custom program within a group training setting. They train everyone from Olympic athletes to seniors, with an integrative approach to exercise science, sports medicine, chiropractic, physiotherapy, and nutrition. Agent Cera Dann credits Omega with keeping hertogether and strong through our busyseason and beyond! 


Primal MMA 

While mixed martial arts are nothing new, this specialized offshoot of PrimalMovement is the best and only true MMA and BJJ gym in Leslieville. They offer Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Mixed Martial Arts, Kickboxing, Russian Sambo, traditional boxing, wrestling, grappling and strength & conditioning. Maybe this is why our agent (and Primal member) Cameron Levitt is always so calm and collected.


Mutu System 

After having kids and returning to work, Carly knows the tribulations of getting back into the workout groove. Finding time to hit the gym can be tough, so she turns to the online program, Mutu System, created by renowned fitness guru Wendy Powell. It is designed as an easy, at-home workout routine that can be accomplished using items from around the house, like pillows instead of a workout ball, or a pair of tights instead of resistance bands. Best part is, you pay a one-time membership fee and own it for life! 


Therapy Lounge 

Needing some down time to relax and heal? Therapy Lounge is just the spot for you. Locally run in the heart of the Beach with a team of 14 diverse and passionate health practitioners. Therapy Lounge offers Registered Massage Therapy, Hot Stone Massage, HEARTBEATS-Prenatal Care, Reflexology, Lymphatic Drainage Massage, TCM Acupuncture, Cosmetic Acupuncture, Manual Osteopathy, Registered Kinesiology, and many more. Spend some time taking care of yourself in 2020.


Pure & Simple 

We all know Canada’s tough winters can really take a toll on your skin, hair & body. Give your derma a fresh start with Pure & Simple Spa. Pure & Simple offers multiple all-natural products to ensure your body stays healthy this season. Browse through their variety of skin, body, hair care, & makeup products to find the right fit for you. Pure & Simple also offers in store spa services such as facials, acupuncture and much more – even life coaching! Withmultiple locations around the GTA, find your nearest location or browse theirwebsite and find yourself the perfectproducts to stay healthy this year. 



Getting back into the fitness lifestyle can be hard on your body, especially after taking a well needed break over the holidays. On is the perfect shoe to get back into the groove of fitness, whether that is running, walking, jogging, or everyday activities. This stylish running shoe revolutionizes the sensation of running, allowing for soft landings followed by explosive take-offs. With multiple awards won and features with Olympic athletes, On is sure to be the perfect fit for you and your lifestyle.