Cross Canada Challenge!

Shelter Movers

Cross Canada Challenge!

We’re all at home, the holidays (and treats) are upon us and we’re trying to figure out how we can stay motivated and healthy.   

Why not join us for the Shelter Movers Cross Canada Challenge?!

The Goal?

Traverse the distance between Vancouver and Halifax within 3 months! 

Kilometres can be accumulated by walking, cycling, running, and many other activities.  The total distance will be accumulated but leaderboards based on distance contributed will also allow for some friendly competition 🙂

All money raised from this challenge will go towards @ShelterMovers, a non-profit organization that provides free moving and storage services for women and children fleeing abuse.  

This challenge requires no in-person gatherings, and distance can be accumulated at any time.

Click here to register today…the challenge starts December 1st! :https://www.canadahelps.org/en/charities/sheltermovers/events/the-cross-canada-challenge
Would you rather show your support through a donation? Just click here to pledge a donation if we achieve our goal! https://www.sheltermovers.com/crosscanadachallenge/