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Nice to meet you, I’m Mark.


I’m here to help…to answer your questions and talk as
much as you want about real estate; to help you learn
more about the market and what you want to achieve.


We’re about long term relationships, not short term


Feel free to check out some info below, and when you’re
ready to talk, I’m here.




About Mark

I’ve brought my background and passion for home improvement to our clients, to help them achieve their dreams while minimizing the stress of a challenging process.

We’ve built our entire business on our primary goal: taking care of our clients well beyond what they have come to expect from our industry. I live and raise my family in the Beach, so I know the area at a level that gives my client an advantage.

Because I’m a consistent top producer and leader of one of the Top 100 RE/MAX Teams in Canada, my clients trust me to get the results they deserve.

toronto agent

toronto agent

What clients have to say…

“We will recommend Mark, Cameron and the rest of the Richards Group team to anyone buying or selling a home. They are professional and talented and the team approach makes it all seem easy! Our favourite part of the process was how quickly our questions were responded to by Cameron and how hard he worked, how great the house looked and watching the team work their magic. We had an amazing experience working with them all!” – Jessica and Sean


“Mark and the Team:

Wow. What an outcome last night. We couldn’t wipe the smiles from our faces even as we got into bed last night. We just kept looking at each other with wide eyes and laughing. We could feel the excitement from you all, for us, making the process even more fun! Thank you.

You always hope and believe your home is special – but to have you all get our home ready, “sell it” this past week during showings and open houses and then of course, your great job bringing 3 offers in, and then getting us top dollar, well, we are so glad we chose your team, and are so happy with the outcome.

To the Design Team – thank you for all your work (from a year ago to this past month). It’s been a long road but we are so happy with the suggestions and the work we did to make the home present the best it could. You are both very talented. Continued success!!!

To the Staging Team – thank you so much for all your hard work. The home was staged to perfection. All the positive comments from the showings and open house and the specific comments made by the registered offers confirmed all the work as well worth it. Thank you.

Sam – thank you for working so hard to meet my perfection standards on the specifics of the listing documents (LOL!). I know there was so much back and forth on email but we appreciate you helping us make the commentary and images reflect the special and uniqueness of the property. We truly believe it helped tell the story of the Duart and you definitely helped so much in the 11th hour when we had some specific changes. So a very big thank you.

Arthur – Arthur!! Thank you for putting up with our endless request. Of all kinds. You have definitely been Mark’s right hand man on both our next home purchase and the offers that came before that!) and the sale of our home. As you probably already know – just because the transaction are near complete – doesn’t mean you’ve gotten rid of us!! We still love the market, learning about how and where homes go – so see you on email and of course around Queen!

Finally, Mark. Mark – what the heck!! Last night was so awesome, I know you know how happy we are, and how thrilled we are to be moving to our new home.

Last night’s outcome, as we’ve already said – was just phenom enol, and went about as smoothly as anyone could ever ask. The entire process has exceeded our expectations, and you have a stellar team… Something I know you already know, and have bragged about it the past! They are such a strong bunch, and clearly you all work so well together and are so happy for one another’s success – we appreciate you all, including the agents and individuals involved that we haven’t mentioned by name. Thank you to Jenny for hosting an open house and Matt, for his energy and excitement for us last night. To anyone else involved, we say thank you.

Mark, you are an exceptional agent and have become a good friend. We know this is just the start of a long relationship.

Once again, to the entire Richards Team, thank you. Last nights outcome validates all of the hard work, the sale strategy and our strong belief that our house was a special home. With all of the very recent change sin our family, you made this process so easy on us. You all helped bring us to this point at different stages. Have I said thank you? :).

Last time. Thank you!

All the best, and good luck with the upcoming market!!!” – Geoff & Adrienne, Charlotte, Olivia and Minnie



How is the Richards Group different?

In today’s market it’s more important than ever to maximize every opportunity to achieve your goals. It’s also more important than ever to work with a team that is committed to taking total care of you during this experience while delivering exceptional outcomes.


That’s why our goal is not volume. It’s total care and incredible results, one client at a time. We never take anything for granted and continually push beyond industry standards to provide our clients with the best expertise, support and outcome possible.


We don’t just recommend a trades and improvements to get your home ready for sale…


We select our preferred trades, complete the estimates, negotiate on your behalf, make the design selections, manage the project and the contractor, and ensure every step of the process is complete for you to get the most for your home.


We don’t just send you listings…


We dive deep to understand your current and long term goals, match you with our database of clients who are considering selling, search for off-market homes, knocking door to door.   Our design team even gives you a full consultation to make your new home perfect.


You get solid market expertise, our in-house design service and premium client care…and that’s just the beginning.


toronto agent

Mark Richards – Sales Representative



1945 Queen Street East
Toronto, Ontario,
M4L 1H7