The Secret Sauce

O.K., it’s not so secret since we’re going to tell you right here…

Let’s start with how we will get you almost 10% more for your home in half the time.

It’s the result of 100+ years combined experience, selling over $1 billion in real estate to help people move their lives forward. 





Why are you selling?  Sounds simple right?   Not so fast.   We dive deep because WHY you’re selling will determine HOW we help you sell your home.  It’s not just about getting the most for your home.  It’s about the long game.  We’ll be asking about your next move, and your last one.




When it comes to your home’s value, most agents will tell you what you want to hear to get their sign on your lawn.


We decided long ago that we don’t need to give you an inflated value to win your listing,  and we’re not going to put you at financial disadvantage when your home sits on the market and sells for less in the end because it’s over-priced.


We’re interested in working with people who recognize market expertise and trust us to get them the most.    Our comparative market evaluation goes deep to provide you with a number you can bank on, a number on a great day and a number that if the market is really flying, you can aim for.


ROI Assessment


You get a top-to-bottom assessment of your home from both our agents and your dedicated Client Care & Design Manager.    Your home may be your biggest asset and we’ll tell you in writing and specific detail, what we can do to improve its value for the greatest possible return.


Design Plan


Gone are the days of giving you a list of ‘preferred’ trades and six shades of beige to paint your home.   Your Client Care & Design Manager will create a detailed design vision to show you how we’re going to make buyers fall in love and pay more for your home.


Listing Plan


There are hundreds of steps to getting your home ready for sale.   Our team takes care of all of them and we provide you with the plan so you can see the critical preparation milestones, important dates so you’re always in the know.


Total Management


Work, family, friends…all the things…you need to take care of that.  We’ll take care of getting your home ready for sale.


Your Client Care & Design Manager does it all:

  • Create listing calendar and project plan
  • Develop design plan for your full approval
  • Book and attend estimates with our trade network
  • Review and negotiate quotes
  • Schedule contractors
  • Source and deliver fixtures, finishes and materials
  • On-site project management
  • Final inspection and invoice review
  • Arrange home inspection and remediation if needed
  • Arrange storage and deliver moving boxes
  • Co-ordinate junk removal and interior/exterior cleaning
  • Assist with arrangements for pets
  • Book photography and video


Staging Transformation


To be honest, we don’t really like the word ‘staging’.   Because we don’t stage.  We transform, we connect, we add warmth, personality and everything we bring into your home is ours…years of investing in over 5,000 sq. feet of curated inventory instead of tired rental furniture.


And we’ll ask you to keep those family photos up 🙂  Your home should feel loved to be loved.


The result?   Drool-worthy home that people instantly want to be in and will pay more for the privilege.


Pricing & Listing Strategy


Now that we’ve made your home worth more, it’s time to re-evaluate the market analysis and assess the real-time competition.    It’s not just what’s sold, but leveraging our knowledge of what is being listed on the market at the same time as your home, what’s on the market today and how that all affects our game plan.     It’s also about your risk tolerance, the market conditions, your goals and your circumstances.    Mix that all together and we develop the best possible pricing and listing strategy to help you reach and exceed your goals.


Marketing & Networking Wizardry


While all that stuff has been happening, we’ve already been selling your home.  Not only do we have the amazing power of our team who have their own buyers, we are also part of the most successful brokerage in the world, RE/MAX Hallmark, whose agents sell more homes than any other brokerage.


Our listings also have the privilege of being promoted on an exclusive listing platform which is accessible only to leading agencies who sell and buy the most homes in Toronto.


As for the slick stuff, if the quality of your marketing materials are higher, the more likely it is that someone will view your home and be willing to pay more for it.    That’s why your home gets:

  • Professional high dynamic range photography
  • A full 360 degree virtual tour
  • Interactive and static floor plans with measurements
  • It’s own website
  • Digital and print marketing strategy to reach 20,000+ potential buyers
  • Global marketing to 133 countries
  • Submission to media contacts for feature in major publications such as Toronto Life, Globe and Mail, Toronto Star and even the New York Times.


Negotiation Power


Who would you trust to take care of your own family?  That’s the bar we set for anyone on our team.   Our crew goes to bat and does right by you every single time.     They are seasoned, full-time professionals who are in the top 1.5% performing agents of the Toronto Real Estate Board agents.


There are lots of other things to know…like client perks for life, how choosing us helps make a difference in your community, and much more.

Let’s talk about your next move…

info@therichardsgroup.ca or 416.699.0303