What to Do With The Kiddos During Self Isolation

What to Do With The Kiddos During Self Isolation

Now that schools and daycares are officially closed, we’re all trying to figure out how to keep the kids active, busy, and quite frankly, not driving us crazy! This is especially important for those of you trying to work at home (like us) who are struggling to keep them busy so you can get things done!

Here are our team’s top suggestions, and a whole bunch of resources for more ideas…let us know what you’re doing at home! 

If you have multiple kids at home, why not have a little healthy competition? It can really bring out some amazing creative skills! Get their hands messy with some baking challenges (and remember to wash thoroughly afterward!!!) The payoff: you reap the delicious rewards as well!

Here’s a great site to get you started with some kid-friendly recipes! https://weelicious.com/20-easy-recipes-to-make-with-your-kids/

Get some creative and physical energy out with these other group activity suggestions from our team: Sketching your surroundings, lego building, fort building, and backyard ninja warrior obstacle courses!

You know what’s REALLY boring? When people say they’re bored… why not set up a table in one room of your house where you pile every board game, craft, colouring and activity book, crayon, coloured pencil, pom-pom, googly eye, and whatever else you can find in those bins you never clean out, all in one place – if anyone claims boredom, don’t fear, just head to the magical boredom table!

Take a little trip from the comfort of your desktop! Follow these links and venture to exciting places like the Louvre Museum in Paris, the San Diego Zoo, the Great Wall of China, and more!

Scholastic has always been a household name in children’s educational publishing, and now they have introduced this 20 day learn-at-home series for all age groups, from Kindergarten through grade 12. Check out daily lesson plans, videos, activities and more here:

Click here for some amazing suggestions on keeping the kids busy, talking to youngsters about what is going on in our crazy world right now (in a way they will actually understand), and perhaps keeping yourself sane as well:

Some really great, outside the box creative projects that kids can do on their own or with your help!

Active imaginations at play – this post is all about getting kids to play on their own, without being so reliant on other humans – perfect for practicing social distancing! :

After day 5, when all other ideas have been exhausted, hit up good ole pinterest to see what everyone else is doing!

Realistically speaking… We all have high hopes of following beautiful colour-coded schedules, teaching our children wonderfully educational programming, and sticking to it for the next 3 weeks… some parents are looking at the situation from a slightly more realistic perspective. Check out this link for a lighter, funnier, take on things: https://www.today.com/parents/parents-share-their-kids-realistic-quarantine-schedules-t176080