Community Support: Shelter Movers

When you choose to work with The Richards Group, you’re also choosing to help a family escape abuse.   Every time a home is bought and sold, the cost to provide free moving for one family by Shelter Movers is donated in your honour.

shelter movers

Shelter Movers offers survivor-centred, free moving service that fills a critical gap in services for people leaving abuse.  Survivors of domestic abuse can face many challenges when deciding to leave their abuser. Their financial position, mobility, and safety may all be at risk when relocating from their current residence into a safer home. At Shelter Movers, they provide moving and storage services at no cost to help women get to their new start.



    • 1 in 3 Canadians report experiencing abuse before the age of 15
    • 83% of people who experience violence are women
    • The home is the most likely place for women in Canada to experience violence
    • Each year, police receive 93,000 annual reports, or 1,113 incidents of violence against women per every 100,000 people, with rates significantly higher among racialized, indigenous, disabled and LGBTQS2+ women.


Shelter Movers aims to remind survivors of their intrinsic worth and the power they are reclaiming in their decision to leave an abusive relationship.


We’re proud to support Shelter Movers not only as financial supporters but as moving volunteers.


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